Meraki Cakes & Bakes

Mark Hill Owner/Baker

A Little About Me

I have a degree in Anthropology with a minor in Photography and as a person with a Liberal Arts degree, I struggled to find my passion in the real world. Back in the good old days before photography went digital, there were dark rooms and dangerous chemicals required to make works of art.

I always loved the science behind photography and the tranquil element of being immersed in the dark room. The tactile aspect of holding film and paper and splashing around in trays of “magic” liquid, waiting for a print to develop was exhilarating.

Once the digital age took over, I lost interest in photography. I realized that I really enjoyed working with my hands and the traditional process of developing film and photographs.

It wasn’t until years later that I discovered baking and immediately fell in love with the softness of flour between my fingers and the messy mixing and folding of elements. I was working with my hands to create something from a few basic ingredients and my soul was awakened.

My love of baking eventually led to cake decorating and what started as a hobby quickly grew into a passion. In early 2016 I left the corporate world and started Meraki Cakes & Bakes.


“I look forward to working with you to create a special work of art for your next event” – Mark Hill.

meraki  (mA-rah-kE)

to do something with soul, creativity, or love;
to put something of yourself into your work